We are proudly members of the Turf Growers Association of Australia and we abide by the code of ethics and practice and fully endorse the standards code.

Minimum Quality Standards for the Supply of Premium Grade Turfgrass Sod.

Source of Turf
The turfgrass shall be sourced from a turf farm (as defined by the Waters and Rivers Commission and with the appropriate business registration) and shall not be sourced from any active or passive area such as from a local authority park, school, golf course or other similar area.

Weeds/Insect Pests/Diseases
The turfgrass sod shall be free from any visual presence of weeds and diseases. Insect pests shall be below the following thresholds.

The turfgrass sod shall have a minimum level of thatch. No more than the following thickness of thatch within the sod shall be permitted.

General Turf Types Maximum Thatch Levels (mm)
Couches (including Santa-Ana) 10
Kikuyu 15
Buffalo 20
Insect Pest Threshold Levels (number per sqm)
Black Beetle/larvae 5
Cutworm 3
Billbug 1

Moisture Content
The turfgrass sod shall be delivered in a moist condition and shall not be damaged from having dried prior to delivery.

Thickness of Soil
The soil level beneath the thatch of the turfgrass sod should be uniform thickness and be between 5 and 15mm deep, ensuring that there are no visible holes in the roll.

Rolls must weigh less than 25kg.

Sod Strength
The turfgrass sod should have sufficient strength so that it will not fall apart during 'standard practice'* handling and laying.

*Standard Practice is the accepted procedure used by the installers in the landscape industry.

Mowing Height Prior to Harvesting
General Turf Types Mower Bench Setting (mm) Mower Type
Couches (including Santa-Ana) 10 - 15 Reel
Kikuyu 10 - 20 Reel or Slasher
(Reel is preferred)
Buffalo 10 - 25 Reel or Slasher
(Reel is preferred)

Time of Harvest
Within 24 hours of delivery.

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