Perth's Original Supplier of                      Sir Walter Buffalo. 

We were the first growers in Perth to receive a Licence to grow Sir Walter back in the early 2000's.

We have sold over 1.28 million m2 of            Sir Walter.  

To get a quote for your place or for more information  CONTACT US  or call us on 94101426

Our quality turf varieties include:


                         - Sir Walter Buffalo

- Wintergreen

- Kikuyu

Our name really does say it all:
Betta Quality - Betta Service - Betta Turf

  • Turf supplied as instant lawn rolls or as runners
  • Planting gear and fertilisers
  • Free quotes for any installation required
  • Forklift unloading
  • Qualified landscaper referrals

We supply The Original Sir Walter Buffalo Turf to anywhere around the Perth area.

For more information or to request a quote:  CONTACT US 

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